What's new in 1.5?


Patch 1.4 was the smallest patch for Skyworld to date. Pushed out quickly, it was a response to a wealth of new players that wanted additional functionality. More than a year had passed after 1.3, with no updates to speak of. 

This time around, we wanted to provide you with a proper update that substantially affects your experience in Skyworld. Introducing patch 1.5, which aims to be more full-bodied than any patch before it.


Note: This is a summary only. Full documentation coming soon


  • Floating Ruins randomly generate
  • "Better Leather" mod
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Skyrim style dragon shouts
  • When you die, your corpse will remain, and the body is lootable. This is preferable to having your inventory on the ground
  • Decoration blocks (think home furnishing)
  • Easter eggs
  • Create portals to get around
  • more gems
  • voice chat
  • backpacks
  • skill trees (must reach minimum level to unlock)
  • even more ores
  • Dungeons
  • corn
  • hunt for a rare four leaf clover
  • bosses
  • more materials